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The safe, autonomous and certified work drone
which carries 30 kg for 30 minutes


Maximum external dimensions 266 cm
Maximum height from the ground 130 cm
Maximum take-off weight 147 kg
Maximum payload weight 40 kg
Variometric speed max with 30kg paylaod 3 m/s
Max speed with 30kg paylaod 101 km/h (50kts)
Max autonomy with 30kg paylaod 30 min
Charging time 50 min
Max piloting distance 20 km
Max distance streaming video HD 20 km
Range temperature 0 / +40°C

Additional features:

modular battery change (battery swap)
resistance to dust and rain IP55
foldable for transport (foldable)
safety parachute
A.I. anti-collision, precision landing / take-off



FORVOLA has been able to carry out research and development studies by collaborating with important companies in the sector. In Italy the drone market, still limited but with great potential, is worth 100 million euros. The undoubted growth of this sector has led FORVOLA to pay particular attention to the solutions that an aircraft dedicated to freight transport must have, in particular in relation to the automation of the supply chain and the optimization of the last mile. FORVOLA Nucleo has been designed with the possibility of integrating the particular needs of sector operators.


A sector that requires continuous innovations and concrete solutions for the prevention and monitoring of fires: reactivity and low human risk are the watchwords in this field. The collaboration with an important European consortium is making it possible to carry out tests with drones capable of carrying fireballs and water hoses. It is estimated that the firefighting drone market will touch the figure of 881 million in the coming years: an aircraft like FORVOLA Nucleo may in some cases be the only viable and sustainable solution.


The peculiarities of a remotely piloted multirotor aircraft, different from those of a fixed or rotary wing, are undoubtedly interesting especially for the defense sector. Only recently, also thanks to the investments of companies such as FORVOLA, it was found that the costs, operation, flight precision and redundancy of the propulsion units make the multirotor a valid tool in the military field. Studies in progress see us as protagonists in the defense sector as an aerial platform capable of lifting important monitoring equipment.


Precision agriculture is a management strategy of the agricultural sector that makes use of modern instruments. The precision farming market will come to absorb 80% of the commercial RPAS market. A remotely piloted aircraft, with autonomous or automatic high-load and autonomy flight capabilities such as FORVOLA Nucleo, can be used in multiple activities that integrate perfectly with the already advanced systems currently used. Fertilization in granules or administration of liquids are some of the activities that an aircraft like FORVOLA Nucleo is able to carry out in this particular sector.


Our experience stems from the study of a modular flight platform that led to the construction of the first customizable Italian megadrone that can lift the weight of 200 kg: this has made FORVOLA the “jeep of the skies”.

FORVOLA is an Italian product

FORVOLA was born from the idea and commitment of Gregory Alessio and Pierre Ponchione who strongly believed in a project that seemed apparently impossible. From determination a dream becomes real.


FORVOLA beats the Guinness World Record by lifting 101 kg at the FPT Industrial Tech Day event in Turin on 23 November 2018.

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